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Usiglian del Vescovo

The feud of Usiglian del Vescovo existed for 10 centuries with its peculiarities: it is at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and its grounds are the waters of a prehistoric ocean.

We like to think that the flavor and freshness of our wines origin from the sea breezes on summer evenings that rise from the Tyrrhenian Sea, from our brackish prehistoric sandy soil, from our care in the treatment of soil and vineyards, from the respect to the natural and cultural environment, from the loving attention that we reserve the grapes, that we collect by hand several times and we slide into fermentation tanks without using pumps, from the conditions of quiet and darkness of the cellar of aging.

Growing vines and olive trees around a hamlet with 10 centuries of history has made us understand that the environment where we live, if we learn to listen and respect it, can guide us in the right direction to enhance the aroma and taste perceptions of the fruits of the earth, as our grapes and our olives.

We love to share with our guests, on hot days, the experience of drinking the wines of  Usiglian del Vescovo in the vineyard of San Giusto, watching the sea and sinking our feet in a prehistoric beach.